We want this site to be a place where you as a tea workers, children of tea workers and community organizers that are organizing tea workers can share your story.

Start by telling us who you are, a little about your family, where you work and about your life as a tea worker.  Tell us about what you enjoy, what are your aspirations for you, your family. How do you think tea workers are treated in society? What should change?  How can we bring this change?  

Imagine that the person who is listening to your story is not as familiar with the life and conditions of tea workers. How would you want them to know you?  If they shared your story with a friend, what would you want them to say about you.

There is no recipe for a story. You can say it, sing it, dance it or tell us in the way you feel most comfortable.

When your story is done, think. Is there anything that needs to be added? Do you need to take anything out? Fine tune your story until you are ready to submit below.

If you need help with your story, please contact chaumtoli.huq@law.cuny.edu or on WhatsApp on 1-347-445-1867